2 peter 3 Day of the Lord is Coming!


day of the Lord is coming be sober vigilant and ready ! judgment of end time days as prophesied. one must be mentally spiritually ready to face the end time tragedies. punishment of the wicked ones, the ones who don’t seek God, ones who are not ready to meet God.
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  1. I’m 14 years old and I’ve grown up in a Christian family and always thought
    if you believe in God your going to heaven and that’s it but… my parents
    talked with me at the beginning of summer about God and again i didn’t
    really believe them but I was browsing on YouTube and found you and
    starting watching your videos and i started reading the bible, fasting,
    praying and I have learned so much I repent everyday i set alarms at
    different times of the night to pray and I’m asking God for the Holy Spirit
    and gift of tounges and I really have been suffering the last couple of
    days because i gave up everything and I need up 

  2. I like burning incense. It smells good. I’m talking about that Hindu
    incense. There is nothing wrong with that and it’s not sin. The right
    Camphor incense naturally purifies the air and its fumes kill the bacteria
    viruses and other microbes.
    Unless you prefer the harmful chemicals from the can bought in a department
    store. Good luck with that.

  3. Alonzo Rodriguez on

    different problem here, whenever I hang out with sinners, I don’t know what
    to do, its hard, I don’t know, but in the bible it says to love your
    enemies, so I do

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