Blood Moon” total lunar eclipse pertains to Homestead National Monolith


Blood Moon” overall lunar eclipse pertains to Homestead National Monolith
Why a “” blood moon'? “The Earth ' s environment gets rid of or blocks parts of the sunshine'' s spectrum leaving only the longer wavelengths noticeable, the red ones. The amount of dust particles, water droplets, clouds and mist in the environment can all have an …
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Iran nuke offer signals the day '' when God turns His back on America''– John Hagee
Hagee said the three previous tetrads of blood moons have corresponded with major occasions for Israel and the Jewish individuals: 1492 when Jews were eliminated from Spain and Columbus found America; 1948 when Israel was born as a nation; and 1967 when …
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Not-so-super news for lovers of the moon
While the occurrence of the blood moon is typical, generally twice a year, tomorrow'' s is the last in a tetrad (series of 4) of successive lunar eclipses, with no partial eclipses to break the pattern. It likewise corresponds with a supermoon – so-called …
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September Blood Moon, Super Moon integrate for one marvelously intense lunar
The “”Blood Moon” “lunar tetrads, or a series of four eclipses have actually been discussed as the stuff of biblical revelation or holy foretelling of coming conventions. The last “”Blood Moon” “came by Easter weekend this past April, happening on the same …
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