Bob Brown’s “Global Government” voted on at the Global Greens Congress | Dakar 2012


( ) Here is all the evidence you will ever need to prove that Senator Bob Brown is actively working towards implementing his dream …
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On the Thursday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest news, including Lubbock County Judge Tom Head’s warning that if Obama gets re-elected …
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  1. TruthKnight Aussie on

    The Greens need to be charged with treason, as a whole… Global
    government, is the worst thing that could possibly happen to humanity under
    these luciferian indoctrinated groups…..

  2. Get rid of these brain drained fools, they have absolutely no idea what
    they are getting involved in…….or do they?…..

  3. No i do get it but i shouldve added more to my comment.I know liberal are
    just as bad as the others.What i shouldve said was that liberal are just
    the lesser of the two devils weve got.

  4. moreviralvideo on

    I support a democratic one world government over the current United
    Nations. Anyone opposing a one vote one value supports veto right
    dictatorship via the UN.

  5. Jos Boersema on

    I dare wager that I am ‘greener’ then 9 out of 10 of them, and I wish they
    would take a pencil and start making an amount of dots equal to the nation
    they are in and then ask themselves: can even something this big be a
    democracy. You need to make some realistic estimate or feeling about the
    size of things you would be governing/law-making/etc. ‘Global Governance’
    is unrealistic, beyond human capability (imho). I think only max .5M ppl
    might be democratic, federated 50x for a max nation +-25M.

  6. Brown is the most dangerous and extreme man in Australia, but here its easy
    to see that he is safe compared to the rest of them at this conferance.

  7. RomanusKaiser on

    Not sure what the problem is – we all rely on the same planet for our soil,
    water, air and resources and we’re all genetically linked as part of the
    human family. We already have global corporations and global capitalism,
    why not work peacefully toward global democracy and global freedom?

  8. Yeah liberal are just the lesser of the two devils and then what have we
    got the looney toon greens and what a nightmare thought that is to imagine.

  9. I submit to you that even in the UK, you ‘say’ labor and color. You only
    add the unnecessary U when you write the word. If you said it as you spell
    it, it would sound more like ‘velour’. I’m hopeful that you will stop with
    the wasted U’s. You gave us a great language, England (and to a lesser
    extent the whole UK), but it’s rife with things that need fixing. Let’s fix
    them together!

  10. fucking treasonous parasites need to be thrown in jail immediately, but
    no……..we are the fools for allowing this shit to happen.

  11. dildomerchant on

    i hate politics ! but i love the fact that me shooting rabbits and catching
    trout then eating them is more important than any GAY politician that swore
    on the bible to be a candidate, what a load of forever lasting rubbish,
    great vid, i am anti GOD’S, cheers.

  12. Green is the new Red. global elites use this fake green political parties
    to bring the NWO.

  13. The Greens are nothing but Communists who want a top down bureaucratic
    control of resources and all life. Psychopaths indeed.

  14. We dont want ur Carbon tax / pricing or global govt. Ure all liars and have
    sold ur souls to the elite and the scientists who lied for money! U will
    never get what u want! The majority of the people will never support these
    lies or ur incentives!

  15. Has anyone thought of asking these people if they were serious-the date
    being 1 April(April Fools day)

  16. You have no idea. I am a member of the Australian greens party. I resent
    after fighting Lonnie commies attempts to tack over the peace movement in
    the 80’s and 90’s. That you refer to me and others as commies. Get your
    facts right

  17. are they all so stupid that she has to explain everything, well i guess the
    question is YES

  18. What was the carbon footprint of this meeting of conservationists?bet they
    did not cycle there

  19. OurBackToTheDark on

    I listen to AJ because he covers stories that the mainstream media do not
    touch, and that is a good thing. I do not draw my info from one source
    alone and I do not unconditionally trust anyone. I trust some things he
    says, I do not mistrust him entirely. I do however have a problem with him
    exaggerating and acting up to capitalize on his cult of personality.

  20. bruteresistance on

    What about the Arabs running Hollywood? The statements were taken out of
    context,according to Alex.I heard what he said, but the truth is Alex is
    right far more than he is wrong.Is there any reporter who get’s it right
    ALL the time? I don’t think so. I have done plenty of my own research into
    AJ’s claims, and he has a better record than anyone else when it comes to
    being right about the tough topics most won’t even touch. If u don’t like
    it move along.You got caught in a lie sweetie, get over it

  21. Gary Chamberlain on


  22. OurBackToTheDark on

    It did not happen. SB1440 does not “end the 4th amendment” it relates to
    child abuse investigation. It was not “almost every state” as claimed. This
    was a blatant lie. You really think there are paid trolls? More Alex Jones
    propaganda. Anyone who disagrees with him is a paid troll. Just like anyone
    who disagrees with the US Gov. is a terrorist. You are a sheep.

  23. glittermama0203 on

    Well I guess you must have a HUGE problem with MSM but have you whined to
    them? NO ! I didn’t think so !

  24. bruteresistance on

    As you see, I did research your claim, and as I suspected the only one
    “exaggerating” or “lying” is you. So my assessment of you being a “shit
    talking troll” was spot on. You’ll have to do better than that troll
    boy.You are just one in a long line of many who “try” to discredit AJ, but
    once again fall short on facts.Your crap don’t fly here bud.You’ve been
    exposed.Your acct since 2010, and NO content, two subs (more trolls), only
    activity is trolling AJ videos.Troll acct!!!! BLOCKED!! LOL, LOSER

  25. SinnisIsatum42 on

    I havent watched this yet but im tellin u that the are filling the media
    with preparations. Theres a shooting somewhere every couple days: to excuse
    their marshall law. Syrias bombing this, kiling people that etc: to give
    reasons for war. U all should know that we or another country influenced by
    US will start war soon, unless theyre screwing america first.

  26. OurBackToTheDark on

    Ignorant means lacking knowledge. In this case, you are clearly ignorant as
    you do not know about the lies of Alex Jones.

  27. SniperGryphon on

    Who wants to bet, along with me, that the poor marien that was dissapeard
    is now under electro shock therapy ???

  28. Nolan Hargreaves on

    iunno… spend 10-20k on a lawyer and lose the case.. we need a better
    solution i think!

  29. OurBackToTheDark on

    You are like AJ’s personal attack dog. You jump to the defense of your
    master and follow him like a bitch.

  30. organicsuperman on

    They look like you. They act like you. And they want to kill you. Welcome
    to Recreator, the sci-fi thriller from writer/director Gregory Orr about
    three teenage friends who accidentally trigger a deadly experiment that
    creates their duplicates–clones who are faster, stronger, and smarter than
    the original kids and who threaten to kill them and take over their identity

  31. bruteresistance on

    Oh yeah sure. Perhaps you just got exposed as a fucking liar, and all you
    can do is make pathetic excuses. Doesn’t matter how often he “mentioned”
    it. It was a Texas issue, and nothing you said was accurate. NOTHING! You
    lose dick head. You are a LIAR, and an admitted troll. Go fuck yourself.

  32. bruteresistance on

    Follow my conversation with this guy OurBackToTheDark…and you will see,
    this is how you bitch slap a lying troll. You ask them for proof of their
    claims, and when they reply with falsehoods, and lies, you do the research,
    and shove the truth in their face! Of course all he can do is talk about ad
    hominem attacks, because he has NO facts to support his claims. Yeah, I
    attacked him, because I am fucking tired of the obvious troll scum trying
    to discredit the truth. Agree? Thumbs up!