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    this channel. I will delete them and if you continue, you will be banned.

  2. Hmmmm…. let’s simplify:)
    A Father left on a trip for an extended amount of time. He did not disclose
    the time of His return, only PROMISED he would send His Son to reclaim what *was
    His*. The Father had a HUGE land & left it in DEED to His children. Other’s
    coveted that land, led by an *evil one*, deceived the masses into believing
    the land was DEEDED to another. The Father left His Will for any to read,
    if only they would. The ‘others’ wrote their own fake will, claiming it to
    be the Father’s. They bickered/squabbled like spoiled, nasty
    children & wielded their swords over & over & over again, over the right to
    hang ‘their own flag’ on the hilltop in the middle of them hill.
    In due, time, the Father sends His Only begotten Son to retrieve the land
    that rightfully belonged to Him. Many died horrible deaths~ the land was
    returned to the rightful children of the Father.
    *Please pray for Jerusalem *!!!
    ~Yahnah <3 Sorry, sis:)) I need more sleep & more time with my Abba ~ it is
    all gettin’ to me at his point !!

  3. studentinlearning on

    I sense God’s presence so strong that I often feel that my spirit wants to
    leave my body to be with Him. I am wondering if you ever feel like that? If
    we are to wait until the taking away next Fall, then why do I feel so
    strong in my spirit that the taking away is so soon (?) Is this just God’s
    grace of helping me through the last part of the race, or could a turn of
    events cause it to happen sooner than next Fall. I am just wondering.

  4. Paula about the January thing….I also saw somewhere that the Ebola
    vaccine in January may have the RFID chip hidden in it and I found it kind
    of…suspicious that Obama also wants to wait until..what month? January.

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