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Born: April 12, 1940 (age 74), Baytown, Texas, United States
Wife / husband: Diana Castro Hagee (married 1976), Marthe Downing (married 1960-1975)
Children: Tish Hagee, Matthew Hagee, Hagee Christopher, Sandy Hagee, Hagee Christina
Parents: William Bythel Hagee, Mildred Vada Swick
Education: Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Trinity University, University of North Texas
Pastor John C. Hagee is the founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 20,000 active members.
Pastor Hagee is founder and President of John Hagee Ministries, which telecasts his national radio and television teachings throughout America, in 249 nations, and is now seen worldwide twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on
Pastor John Hagee received his theological training from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and earned his Masters Degree from North Texas University.

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Gary Stearman, Gary Stearman prophecy watchers, Gary Stearman 2015, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news 2015, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news 2014, Gary Stearman rapture, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news, Gary Stearman tom horn

Gary Stearman Launches Prophecy Watchers – YouTube
Sep 19, 2014 … Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich announce their new ministry.

[Gary Stearman, Gary Stearman prophecy watchers, Gary Stearman 2015, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news 2015, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news 2014, Gary Stearman rapture, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news, Gary Stearman tom horn]

Gary Stearman has written articles and co-authored books in affiliation with the late J.R. Church. This ministry is involved in television, audio, video and print productions dedicated to the exposition of Bible prophecy to a worldwide audience. Since 1983, Gary has also pastored Grace Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City. His teachings are devoted to in-depth linguistic, historical and contextual Bible study from the Premillennial, Pretribulational and Dispensational perspective stemming from his love for languages and the inerrent, infallible Word of God. One of his early (radio) mentor’s was the beloved and popular J. Vernon McGee. But that was only the beginning of his quest to learn as much as possible about the Bible and how it relates to every day life. His studies becane very serious around the time he was married (1960s) and even more so when he and his wife were blessed with two children.

Gary Stearman’s research and teachings are very unique and reach into areas of biblical prophecy few researchers delve into. He has been documented arguing that key individuals in the Bible were transported through time and space and that UFOs/aeriel crafts were described in the ancient books. On one occasion, when Gary was a young man and flying a plane over Texas he had a life-altering experience and what he believes to be a UFO encounter. A disc around 100 ft. in diameter approached his plane. Somehow he felt his thoughts were being probed. Later, when he landed at the Lubbock airport, he discovered he’d been gone for six hours when his plane only had enough fuel for four hours. This event led him to seek out answers that only the God of the Bible could answer. A book he has authored on the topic of time-travel related to the Bible is titled: Time Travelers of the Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered the Barriers of Time-Space.

Gary Stearman is not your average prophcy expositor. His work is distinctive, cutting-edge and intriguingly unique. He dares to step ouside of the box and takes the study of Bible prophecy to a new dimension (no pun intended).

Gary Stearman 2015, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news 2015, Gary Stearman, Gary Stearman prophecy watchers, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news 2014, Gary Stearman rapture, Gary Stearman prophecy in the news, Gary Stearman tom horn
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  1. People. Their are evil out there trying to show you things that are not true, lies. They are trying to show John Hagee in another video (This Very One) and they have smugged his hands out and added in Satanic Signs. John Hagee is a child of God. 
       The proof is you can clearly see his hands and cuffs in this video are not blurred. In the other video they tampered with it and you can see it at the wrist that is blurred and the trick of edit they added in other hands with Satanic Signs. CAUGHT!!! JOHN HAGEE IS A MAN OF GOD. AMEN…

  2. Has anyone heard of this? I remember someone saying this, but forget where I heard it. Not only Perigee and Total Lunar Red over Jerusalem (Super aspect) what Mark said, but the procession of the earth will be aligned to the solar plane as well, and this gets really weird: the solar system itself will be in the middle of the depth field of the entire galaxy.

  3. Stearns is a clearinghouse of sorcery and jesuit C.I. Scofield logic based heresy.
    His reputation is intact.

    Biltz has some great points but unfortunately is willing to taint them by associating with the devils of hell that are scripture identified as wolves.

    Biltz should know better to even allow anything of truth be used by sterrns crowd .

    that it may bolster sterrns,  fallen replacement speculative theorizing catholic Hellenistic rebellion he thinks is Torah Hebraic scriptures, but his works are clearly NOT!

    clownshow in the reply boxes below  "moon" are confused as his fellow satanists all are, powerless and blind about Hebraic prophetic truth .
    Nothing new there!!

    YHVH has all the real power, not slew foot and his pithy little losers.

    The sterrns crowds will at some point have the new version of the Korah rebellion response from YHVH (opening the ground and swallowing them and their possessions ) they are clearly recreating!

    Oh well, poor gary and moonie goo goo are so unhappy about matters,  trying to invent something and perfect their crumbling little worlds being their own little gods.

    stearns has been warned but like Korah is stiff-necked and has NO fear what so ever, of a Holy God..

    this is all good though because it is manifest of what the Hebraic scriptures told us would appear.

    Praise YHVH for truth….


    Luke 11:35 Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

  4. Todd Rogelstad on

    What a joke! Wow this guy really knows how to read into the bible text whats not there! It's this kind of nonsense that is causing the world to hate Christianity! 

  5. Francis Moon on

    there are none so blind as those who will not see.astrology is of the creator.and palmistry,and the other occult sciences.It is a hoot seeing you spiritual stragglers finally lifting your gaze into the are quick to seize others'intellectiual property and steal it.I opt to give you free 2 pieces of secret knowledge as i feel pity for you.1.on the very day of the birth of the state of Israel on may 14 1948,the earth,sun were a straight line with the death star medusa,72 kight years from the earth in the constellation perseus in the zodiacal house of taurus early 26 degrees.she is killing my brothers and sisters.I deny you the remedy.2,jesus christ,yeshua could only have been born at 13 degrees capricorn,the scapegoat.all the messiahs have been capricorn.he was born january 4.a little more.the blood moon tetrad of 2014-2015 was fired up by solar eclipse,at guess what! january 4 2011,13 degrees capricorn.the half way point to the solar eclipse at 6 january 2018,the end of this part of the drama,is guess what 5 january 2015.the number of days to both half way points are 1461 days,and guess what,grasshoppers?gematria of 1461 is appolyn..add 1461 to the height of the concrete obelisk in front of the white house,washington,555 feet high and the answer comes to 2016.but- the jewish lunar calendar starts  in september 2015.after april is finished about 144 days remained till climate chaos and and and. 

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