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  3. 666 best mark in in everywhere games and food and other thinks when you
    consume yourself you consume yourself because everything is reelection of
    yourself. More you eat and drink more destroy yourself like snake eating
    it’s tail. You been warned i hope save yourself.

  4. Shonda White on

    IDC what non of you nay Sayers say, I’m following the true word of God. I’d
    rather sell my soul to Jesus! The devil is a LIE! He can keep that chip!

  5. hi,look up these in youtube;1)The Mark Of The Beast Is NOT A Microchip!
    2) “Buy the truth, and sell it not.” Proverbs 23:23·
    3) THE LAST DAYS FULL MOVIE || Mark of the Beast
    by Jonathan Gardner

  6. 666 = Messiah of the rebellious Jews. More particular , the anti-christ.

    This shows crap.

  7. Sanjuana Lopez on

    I don’t even care if I die from sickness not letting “Obama” insert this
    shit in side my body

  8. Joseph DiSano on

    You are very nieve I’m not trying to judge it states in the bible the mark
    of the beast you will not be able to sell or buy anything it states it so
    clearly !!! Gods warning to us the people. We are in the last days I can’t
    wait to meet my creator in heaven praise Jesus (yeshua)

  9. 9-11 ..jst the inside job needed to instill just the right amount of fear
    into those desperate enough to do anything to keep their families safe.
    microchipping us to keep tabs on us like caged animals. shame on these
    greedy, soul-less, wealth and power mongers. Plz God…. save us all. We
    luv and need you badly.. always, and especially now ♡♥

  10. brandonmleask on

    What if i want to teach my kid native religion is he going to hell ?
    LISTEN, here’s how christianity works….The majority of christian
    americans are convinced by our corrupt government that middle-eastern
    countries religions are EVIL and CRUEL to there women and people..That
    seems to be enough justification to bomb the piss outta them untill we take
    there leader out of power, instill our own democratic politicians to run
    against there “religious extremist dictator” and instill our form of
    democracy and christianity…This is all made possible by dumb downed
    idiots such as YOU, the person who is offended by this post…What better
    way to advance our foreign policy in the middle east than to play off of
    the superstition of the majority of americans religion…Your “GOOD BOOK”
    is a fukking tool to be used against you! Don’t you see!?! Christianity is
    an early form of SCIENTOLOGY!! where do you think that that nut got the
    idea to make millions of dollars by creating a religion?? CHRISTIANITY! You
    don’t really believe all of your donation money goes to the church do
    you???? LOL Anyway..I’m getting a little chilly, time to throw a couple of
    bibles on the fire… I find the new testament seems to put our the most
    BTU’s Of pure toasty warm bullshit. PEACE!

  11. CoolGamer Gallegos on

    Resist the mark of the beast give your to yeshua ha mashiach (Jesus) don’t
    worship anyone but yeshua and repent and study the word of god amen.

  12. Yes do not take the mark for it is SATAN’S work and we should put all of
    our faith to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST

  13. Lol oh my god absolutely nothing like this has happened. You ignorant
    paranoid self righteous Christians are full of shit

  14. Amanda Natalia on

    This RIFD glass capsule was on Beauty and the beast last night and now I
    see this, creepy. Coincidence I think night.

  15. jeff johnson on

    The mark of the beast will not touch me I rebuke it in the name of Jesus
    and who ever has this mark of the beast is not a faithful serving of god

  16. that lady should have that chip stuck up her ass with the coil antenna
    coming out