1. thekidsgot heart on

    What up real hip hop fans, real art fans period Thank you for listening and
    yes we know the lyrics lag at some point but do some out of the box
    thinking and just listen to the man til your lyrics reappear on beat, only
    thing I can suggest. And big up to Frankie 2 tone on the track, just
    killin’ it like always.

  2. this song reminds me of the all the synchronicities of my life, as if all
    the metaphors, moments and stories were blended into this one song. thanks
    for posting, i love sage.

  3. Armin Hammerstone on

    Through studying ancient languages over the years and noting the
    pronunciation changes of many names after the Babylonian captivity, I find
    that the name of the Father is pronounced YaHuWaH. The same goes for the
    name of the Messiah. His name is the same as the pre-Babylonian
    pronunciation of the name Joshua, Yahushua.

    Using the names Yehova or Yeshua is using the post babylonian versions. The
    letter vav used to be pronounced waw, and the beginnings or ends of names
    used were Yahu not Yeho.

    There are still names that use it correctly. One example is Benjamin

  4. Yehushua cut the tongues off all deceiving teachers who try and lead us
    from knowing you truly, all these money hungry liars including this guy
    pretending to know the way and all people selling books of the Revelation
    interpretation thinking they are wise of the end times.

  5. Yasiel Issachar on

    Jeremiah 10

    2 Thus saith the Lord, LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN!!!!!!!!, and be not
    dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

    This man is a HEATHEN!! And clearly doesn’t know the scripture..
    Take that costume off, trying to be of our people, the Real Hebrew

  6. It was a blood moon. It may not be the blood moon that Jesus was talking
    about but it was nevertheless a blood moon. And Mr. Rood, you do not know
    everything. You have no idea what they blood moon might mean.

  7. I am of the opinion that the blood moons & solar eclipses that appear in
    the western hemisphere are wake-up calls for those who are actually living
    in the western hemisphere who are of Israelite blood, so yes, they don’t
    apply to Israelites living in the Middle East. AMERICA- WAKE UP.

  8. Not everyone is saying this Blood Moon Tetrad is THE Blood Moon of Joel 2.
    However, according to Genesis, the Sun, moon and stars are for SIGNS, among
    other things. I am weary of so-called scholars “debunking” the 2014/15
    Tetrad because it isn’t the Joel 2 Blood Moon. It is most certainly a
    “sign.” What it means we don’t yet know. Don’t throw the baby out with the
    bath water.

  9. Je'sus De'caprio on

    This Guy is CLEARLY A “MASON”. He says Jeremiah 33 “333” is the number of
    God, & he does this hand motion where he draws out the #6. Look & listen
    carefully at the way he emphasizes this point. These are codes only “The
    Order” or” Brother Hood” would recognize. The average citizen won’t. Yes!
    He’s definitely A Traveling Man “Mason”. How would I know? Lets just say,
    you never know “who was who”….Notice the “was” as oppose to “is”. May the
    God of the True Black Hebrew Israelites pour out his wrath upon you Devils.
    You Jew-“ish & Israeli or Israe-lie. Did any of you people go to school.
    Don’t you know what it means when you attach “Ish” to something. “ish” as
    Jew-ish is a suffix. They know their not the people of the Bible. Do
    You? May Light lead you all my friends. Blessings! 

    ;;;;;;;GET OUT FROM USA NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  11. pradaluggage2 on

    These guys are typical Christians, always trying to interpret something
    that is just not there and when their predictions fail they come up with an
    excuse. The sad part is these Christians or wanna be Jews just seem
    confused, stick to one and for the love of God stop trying to interpret and
    make predictions that is just not there.