1. Bernard Coldwell on

    Shared with Ancient Aliens and UFOs

    *20141006* Something to look out for upcoming lunar eclipse – Not visible
    in Europe :-( 

  2. danrashtizadeh1 on

    In ancient times, the BLOOD MOONs that were on the JEWISH HOLY DAYS were
    signs and omens for ISRAEL that the SWORD is coming…. LUNAR
    ECLIPSE(moon)=Change coming to Israel, SOLAR ECLIPSE(Sun)=Change coming to
    the world. 

  3. The eclipse locks onto the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square and US Sun in
    Cancer makes the Grand Cross.
    something explosive is coming folks.

  4. Hmm rather coincidental that with all this ebola outbreak especially in
    Africa and its completely blacked out, and its the only full continent that
    is COMPLETELY unable to view this blood moon. The religious beliefs behind
    the blood moon tetrad I don’t believe, I’m Agnostic, but this map makes one
    wonder. ….

  5. You know…the NWO ideas have totally cast a shadow on native peoples
    spiritual dates and practices. They have hijacked and perverted everything
    natives hold sacred. This is yet another example of that.Harvest moon is a
    time of thanks and reflection..a time when you have a gift from the sky to
    hunt longer and have a shot of gathering in the night. I wouldnt be
    shockedto learn the owl at the grove wasnt a stolen place. They are
    obsessed with stealing and rehauling anything sacred to native tribes. Its
    really obvious to me. They steal ANYONES symbols in ALL religions and
    change them..pervert them so most think they are associated with something
    negative. (imo) Then they perform their own twisted rituals on those dates
    to “own” them

  6. Something BIG is about to take place..!!! Just look at so far what’s
    happened since the first has passed!

  7. What major changes in history happened on these previous blood moon
    tetrads? Just curious if someone could tell me?? My pc is acting up so
    researching at the moment is kinda difficult. Much appreciated to any who

  8. Jude Stringfellow on

    We have a small eclipse as well on 10/23 to be seen in the US/Canada. We
    will see the Blood Moon from 3:25 a.m. in the Pacific and 6:25 p.m. in the
    Eastern time zones. 

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