Tetran – 3rd Blood Moon Eclipse -Check in With Spirit and Change!


Big astrological influences meant to give you signs – earth shifts, you shift – bend bend bend and BE TRUE to yourself!
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Timelapse video of a total eclipse of the moon. The moon was seen by the Griffith Observatory Los Angeles, CA and US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama

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  1. Lonestar Loner on

    After months of being out of work, and putting in resumes and applications
    and hearing nothing .I got 2 interviews last week and Probably will be
    offered both, I got them by believing in myself and not quitting. I thought
    positive. Negative thoughts drives things away. Positive attracts, and
    speaking of Attract ,Morning Mayan just gets more beautiful every video, I
    do enjoy watching Beautiful Blondes making Bright Videos LOL :)

  2. Once you know who you are and what you really want there’s no going
    back..unless you want to suffer some more lol.

  3. Catfish Jenkem on

    This is an incredible time . Its amazing .Thanks for all you do . Have a
    great weekend .

  4. Jack Scholze on

    Aloha Linda, your message is welcome and uplifting. Moon rivers wider
    than a mile we are crossing them in style, red or no, with a smile, thee
    is such a lot of world to see

  5. Firstname Lastname on

    Thanks for this video. The energy is extreme and honest. Saturn is in
    Sagittarius (my sign). 100% honesty is key. Not pushing too hard on the
    throttle is key. Expressing yourself without fear is key, but respecting
    others os key as well. Hard and confusing times, spiritually, but extreme
    clarity as well. Jupiter is going direct next week, so expect a childlike
    fun coming soon! Expand awareness, don’t close down. Anxiety is easy,
    letting go is hard, but it is the correct direction right now. 

  6. Awesome share…:) You are so on target with what is going on….I to pick
    up vibes like crazy…the trick is not letting them drive me crazy….but
    so many life changing things going on with so many….all of us…..last
    night turned into an amazing night…one I thought would never be
    again….so out of the endings are brand new beginnings…Peace and Lots of

  7. Brandi Eckert on

    And GREAT VIDEO….you should channel Angels more often. Very liberating
    listening to you, Linda. Appreciate your willingness to share.

  8. You are off on your timing. It was last night. Sat morning means last night
    not tonight, understand?

  9. 444revolution on

    Great video thanks! We are clearing out blockages to make way for the new

  10. I know about blood moons. They are ‘harbingers. Any eclipse (full or new
    moon) is an alignment. Some add forces and some cancel forces. Recently
    mom died so now I am an orphan. But also those forces are gone. I notice as
    people leave your cluster of significants, there is a reshuffle or
    re-balance of personal dynamics. As a kid you just are oblivious. At my age
    I see it like wet cement. I can shape things somewhat. Do the others know
    it? Will one vie for pre-eminence ? I am trying to have a life of happy
    coincidence rather than one of forced order and boring re[petition ? Or are
    they acting from instinct ? On the social/political side I am trying to
    spread awareness, enlightenment and engagement. The time is coming. Legions
    of apathy are un-mobilized. Legions of morons maintain the status quo at
    all costs. But the few of purpose need to clang the pots and pans to
    re-balance the planet (AND SOON) !

  11. Phillyzbadboy420 on

    Wow… You are right, I been trying to find a job for a while but don’t
    hear anything after sending so many emails and resumes. Thanks for this

  12. Meta Patriot on

    Thank you Linda remember this?
    Hello world, here’s a song that we’re singin’ ♪
    Come on, get happy
    A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’
    We’ll make you happy
    We had a dream we’d go travelin’ together
    And spread a little lovin’ if we’ll keep movin’ on
    Somethin’ always happens whenever we’re together
    We get a happy feelin’ when we’re singin’ a song
    Travelin’ along, there’s a song that we’re singin’
    Come on, get happy
    A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’
    We’ll make you happy
    We’ll make you happy
    We’ll make you happy ♬

    The Partridge Family – Come On Get Happy

  13. Astrology is like a weather map or report. If you want to move in a
    certain direction, it will tell you whether you will have a headwind or the
    wind at your back, difficult or easy or so-so. And it will tell you the
    time when the coast is clear and when the storms will hit. It is a timing
    device of events in life based on eons of observation. The so called blood
    moon is an occurrence that has been observed before. If one looks at what
    happened in the world after previous blood moons then you will see some
    potential things that could happen around this one. Are we approaching a
    world conflict or perhaps a major physical land mass disaster?
    (dis=opposite, unfavorable, aster=star). The handwriting has been on the
    wall for a long time. This is just another indication to get your house in
    order and to prepare. And one comment on manifestation, not only clearly
    define what you want, but then continually keep the picture of yourself
    having what it is you want in your mind, not how your get it. That way
    your subconscious can direct you on the path that will give you the
    opportunity to bring what you want into physical form. You have to make
    the decisions though. It’s up to you. Be careful what you wish for, as
    they say. 111 

  14. And we also have Easter and Qingminq too (Tomb sweeping day). Seems like an
    odd combo.

  15. I enjoyed this vid immensely. This is where you truly excel, my friend.
    Thank you, Linda!!

  16. Just love the lighting of your video. You are someone special and you are
    a great influence. Stay awesome!

  17. The Bloodmoon Prophecy is a legend of the Skaal, a native group of Nords
    from Solstheim. It foretells the Hunt of Hircine, an event which happens
    every era when the Prince enters Mundus and releases his Hounds upon the
    land. The Hunt is proceeded by four signs. The first is the coming of the
    “Hounds”, when werewolves appear on the island. The second is the “Fire
    from the Eye of Glass”, a pillar of fire which appears on the surface of
    the frozen Lake Fjalding. The third is the “Tide of Woe”, a horker
    massacre, the bodies of which then wash up all along the island’s northern
    coast. The final sign is the namesake of the prophecy: the “Bloodmoon”,
    when Secunda turns crimson from the blood of the Hunter’s Prey.

  18. The moon is a conspiracy. How do we know we even exist to see it? Is it

  19. AMAZING!!!!!!!
    #bloodmoon #fourbloodmoons #redmoon #moon #wednesday #bloodmoon2014

  20. Well… two down, two to go… what will this fourblood moon sign in the
    heavens fortell

  21. I heard that it was today. I was going to film it tonight…I didnt know
    that it was at four am!

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