The Coming Four Blood Moons, pt. 3


Note: He is pre-tribulation rapture which is not supported biblical. Post-tribulation, pre-wrath rapture is. Watch the video “After the Tribulation – The Pre Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed.” However the timing seems most interesting and Jesus spoke many times about the sun and the moon darkening and the moon turning to blood.



  1. Anne Rathwell on

    I am not going to point out what is not biblical, I am so thankful for people, great people like John Hagee and the great words that he preaches to the whole world and love to hear and learn the messages he preach to people that want to hear. Thank you John Hagee and your ministers and God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is a great minister of the Gospel.

  2. Neecie Beard on

    +Joan Evans you if intended on writing you did study the holy bible for years, but you no longer study the Bible, there is the disconnect right there. There are plenty of things, incidents, hurts, pains, situations, etc. we will never understand, that has & will happen in our lives & the world. But we don't cease to live life, and continue on do we? You see, maybe you didn't fully understand God's word & maybe there was a blockage or some obstacle standing in the way of your complete understanding of the Holy Bible as a whole; what it's purpose is actually for. The first action we or any human must take is Faith. Faith in God, that God does Exist, but that He has Always existed, lived, remained & that He created The Heavens, Earth, All of Mankind. Having faith that Jesus Christ, God's son, which whom, is God in the Flesh, coming to Earth to Pay a High Penalty for All of mankind's sins. If you don't understand that, For God So Loved The World, that He Created, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever BelievES On Him (Jesus), Shall Not Perish, But Shall Have EVERLASTING Life in Heaven, not in Hell. Then You Can't Discuss the bible as if it's not true, or that it being of some low, lame myth, because you aren't giving the opportunity for The Word To Do The Work. How can one believe, if one does not believe. You quote the scriptures as if that's a signed, sealed, and delivered way of proving you know the bible. But if you don't believe in God's Holy Word To Be True, Even Though you may not understand all that it contains; it is not called knowing the word of God, but only to have read the bible. I'm not referring you to what I'm about to say but, Satan knows God's Word…. it is not foreign to Him. But What disconnected him from God, was that He exalted himself above God, thinking he knew more and better, acting upon his feelings that his way was better, so he-Satan convinced a Third of the Angels in.Heaven that his way was better, but then God seeing the division & conspiracy that Satan was carrying out in God's Kingdom, God Removed Satan from Heaven & the Third of the Angels that disobeyed God, and had joined the the Devil. Now he is the Prince of the Earth, reaking upon all mankibd to do what he did long, long ago. Deny God. So if you don't believe God lives, created yourself, and the human race, and sent his son Jesus Christ to die for the sinful nature of mankind, you have chosen your side to stand on, you're already making it quite clear to God, whom you serve as your master. And It's not God, but Satan, whom you are yielding your members to, your thoughts, mind, heart, emotions, and Ultimately your Soul. Will you believe a Liar, the Father & Producer of lies, Satan, or will ypu choose to Believe that the bible you were reading, but not so.much believing, is Actually Reality of Time Passed, Reality of Present, and What is To Come of the Future of this World? Believe with your Whole Heart that God loves you, Jesus is to return soon, and that no one can live without Him.

  3. Cynthia Casey on

       This man Hagee has a unique style of preaching. Most pastors are unique in their own way.. God means business with the enemies of Israel, and this is serious stuff.. Those who criticize Bible teachers are usually those who don't believe the BIBLE in the first place. But guess what??? those who hate God and despise HIS children don't get to live in his house (heaven)   when they die …. after all, if someone came to YOUR door, said they had nowhere else to go, but they hate YOU and all your CHILDREN, would you invite them in??  I think NO.   

  4. Didn't JESUS say something about giving away all you have to the POOR if you wanted to follow him. And doesn't Hagee live on a $20 million ranch? Yeah, he's a true follower of Jesus. I wonder what his PERSONAL WEALTH actually is?

    As for BLOOD MOONS. Totally made up CRAP. One for the RUBES.

  5. Just so you know… The blood moon's may not have to be visible to Israel in its entirety. With how fast news travels, the whole world will know of its appearance.

    Lastly, the final blood moon that is set to take place WILL be visible to Israel.

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